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1st - 30th September 2022

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We are delighted to announce that DCME’s next virtual event will be taking place this September. As always, we strive to offer maximum value at all of our events so, on the back of extensive research, we have listened and adapted to turn “DCME VIRTUAL” into a much sought-after Education, Knowledge-Share & CPD Month.

“DCME VIRTUAL” Education, Knowledge-Share & CPD Month will be an on-demand educational hub providing a vast amount of FREE essential technical & educational support. All data centre professionals will be able to enjoy & benefit highly from this free content according to their availability.

CPD training sessions, video case studies, panel discussions & all other educational content will be accessible at any point over a 30-day period thus removing the need for attendees & exhibitors to sit in front of a computer screen for a single live day. This online educational hub will enable professionals to develop and enhance their skills whilst working towards and maintaining their professional qualifications.

“DCME VIRTUAL” Education, Knowledge-Share & CPD Month will be available online for a total period of 30 days from Thursday 1st  - Friday 30th September 2022. This exciting online event offers numerous advantages – below are just a few for consideration:


  • This event is FREE TO ATTEND for all visitors!!!
  • The event is guaranteed to go ahead, even if the worst should happen and we are forced back into another partial or full lock-down at any point
  • This educational hub will be available on-demand for a total period of 30 days commencing on Thursday 1st September
  • The emphasis of this event will be to provide industry professionals such as engineers, consultants, architects, data centre managers etc a free online, month-long platform within which they will be able to access hours of obligatory professional CPD training and other educational content
  • Geographical borders are removed thus allowing industry professionals to join no matter where they may be based in the world
  • There are no travel or hotel costs to pay for
  • Guests, speakers, exhibitors & sponsors alike may participate from the safety & comfort of their own home or office
  • Visitors will still be able to attend and participate in this virtual event even if they are having to self-isolate
  • Access to a virtual exhibition hall where a whole library of documents and video content will be available to browse and download within the virtual exhibition booths
  • Access to new video case studies and panel discussions recorded specifically for our audience
  • Whilst browsing the virtual exhibition booths, visitors will be able to contact the exhibitors via buttons / links should they have any questions
  • The “reserve a meeting” function allows meeting requests to be sent to participating exhibitors & sponsors
  • Attendees will be able to compete against each other to win prizes within both the Scavenger Hunt and Leader-board – the more active you are within the online platform the more points you will earn and points, of course, equal prizes!
  • Sustainability will, naturally, be a very big focus of this event as it’s the topic that is on everyone’s minds!



CPD Sessions

Senseco Systems - Which is the best suppression method: Sprinklers, Water Mist or Gas Suppression?

This presentation gives a brief overview of sprinkler systems, various types of gas extinguishing systems, and water mist systems. As sprinklers and gas extinguishing systems are widely known, more time is spent on water mist and explaining its different uses and applications. There is a specific section on data center protection. The presentation compares the different technologies and the pros and cons of each system and its applications.

Riello UPS Ltd - Lifespan Of Batteries In UPS

Batteries are an integral part of any data centre UPS installation. Indeed, without a well-maintained battery system that performs when you need it, the UPS itself is practically worthless.

This presentation, which is accredited by the CPD Certification Service, offers you a comprehensive overview of UPS batteries, from the different types and how they’re manufactured, through to the factors that affect cell lifespan. You’ll also learn about the most common conditions and get some top tips about maintenance and monitoring.

Huawei - Lithium-ion Battery Benefits and Product Reliability in the Data Centre

In this CPD video, Huawei explore how lithium-ion batteries can benefit data centre operators, and how to increase the battery’s reliability.

Kelvion CPD on Plate Heat Exchangers 2022

Kelvion introduce an overview of plate heat exchangers. This video incudes details of basic heat transfer, the operation & construction of a PHE, plate & gasket design, causes and methods of protection from types of corrosion and basic applications.

Power Control - Lithium-ion battery solutions for uninterruptible power supplies

Lithium-ion battery technology has not only advanced to become safer, but it has also become more affordable making it a feasible option to use with uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). When used with UPS, this technology presents a number of benefits for use in data centre applications including reduced build time on site, full BMS monitoring, smaller footprint, reduced cooling costs and a higher energy density to name a few. This CIBSE CPD approved presentation looks at the type of Lithium-Ion battery most suitable for use with UPS, the pros and cons of using Lithium-Ion instead of the traditional VRLA and the makeup of a Lithium-Ion battery cabinet.

Signify - An introduction to UV-C with Mike Simpson FREng (CIBSE CPD)

  • What is UV-C, how it works & the terminology
  • History of UV-C including heritage use cases & research
  • A look at virus transmission with a focus on COVID-19 and aerosol transmission
  • Modern-day research and test results
  • Upper air disinfection, design process and modelling of air movement
  • Surface disinfection, system safety and applicational uses

Educational Videos

EA-RS & Johnson Controls - A Guide to specifying Water Mist Solutions for Data Centres

This presentation reviews how Aquamist solutions can be combined with traditional sprinkler technology to offer an approved hybrid solution where water mist approvals do not exist.

EA-RS & Johnson Controls - Preventing catastrophic Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Batteries

TThis presentation reviews the fire risks associated with the use of lithium-ion batteries and provides insight into understanding battery failure and ‘Off-Gases’ and how they can be used to prevent Thermal Runaway. The Johnson Controls Lithium-Ion Risk Prevention System can identify Lithium-Ion Battery Failures before Thermal Runaway occurs and mitigate against catastrophic failure.

Schneider Electric - The Next Evolution of DCIM 3.0

Speaker Kevin Brown, SVP of EcoStruxure Solutions at Schneider Electric talks about how DCIM as a software category has changed dramatically since it was introduced two evolutions ago.

He shares how Schneider Electric is modernising the EcoStruxure IT software portfolio for monitoring and management of sprawling, hybrid IT infrastructure, which has become increasingly complex in the last few years.

Schneider Electric - How efficient Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions ensure resiliency and Sustainability operations.

As data usage skyrockets, data centres consume ever more power. Data centres are estimated to represent between 1-2% of global electricity consumption and when combined with the continued growth of data centre capacity; efficiency and sustainability have become more critical than ever. Our technological world has become deeply dependent upon the continuous availability of electrical power. In recent years data centre operators have come under increasing pressure to make their facilities more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.

Uptime and uninterruptible power are, in many respects, business-critical, and for data centre operators, a sustainable backup power system can offer a resilient solution to safeguard against downtime and meet environmental demands. This session talks about trends, challenges and how can an industry built on reliability, meet demands for resiliency and sustainable operations with efficient data centre architecture and critical power systems.

Armstrong Fluid Technology - Mission Critical Cooling & Automation Solutions for Data Centers and Hospitals

The trend towards construction of more mission-critical infrastructure in ever-shorter time frames continues. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world’s growing demand for telecommunications and internet-based businesses. To improve both the quality of those installations and the deployment time of those businesses, infrastructure professionals need cooling automation solutions that are agile, responsive, and flexible enough to meet project-specific needs. To serve this market, Armstrong has developed the Design Envelope EVERCOOL automation platform.

Join this webinar to learn more about the data centre cooling market, and the EVERCOOL platform for cooling system control.

Legrand - How data centre managers can meet their UPS & Critical power requirements.

Legrand provides modular, scalable and adaptable high power UPS’s for Enterprise Data Centres and IT business critical applications, designed for the changing demands of your Data Centre with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  Our UPS systems are delivering unsurpassed system efficiency for maximum availability and cost saving. Adaptive capability and automatic power control to maximize the system efficiency while maintaining full system reliability thanks to the Load Based Shutdown algorithm.

David Press - UPS Pre Sales Engineer

Chatsworth Products (CPI) - Intelligent Power: A Plan for Using Data to Optimize Efficiency

Managing today's data centres with a focus on overall efficiency and bottom-line return on investment (ROI) means managers must invest for today and plan for tomorrow. But while intelligent power is driving better availability, efficiency, manageability, and security, the planning does not simply stop with deploying intelligent power distribution units (PDUs). In this webinar, Chatsworth Products' (CPI) Sr. Product Manager of Power and Electronics, Ashish Moondra, and Sunbird® Software’s Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, James Cerwinski, reveal how a strategy that captures capacity and efficiency data can be used to foster continuous ROI, ensuring that existing infrastructure is being utilised properly, minimising the overall consumption of the data centre and planning for the future by building estimates for reached capacity.

Moy Materials - Data Centre Roofs - The Critical Path

Brian Conroy, Group Commercial Director introduces Moy Materials roofs for data centre applications. Technical guidance for developers and designers of data centres. An understanding of the environmental and legislative forces and the social elements to be considered in mission critical roof design. Interpreting your standards to meet with key building design criteria, with a focus on buildability, commercial viability, operational success and life cycle management of your data centre roof. Powered by the most innovative developments in roof monitoring technology and the environmental counterbalance of lost habitat replacement, Moy offer a unique service based approach to delivery of Mission Critical roofs across the EMEA and beyond.

Deerns - Open Water Cooling for Data Centres

A discussion into the issues of using open water sources for data centre cooling, together with a reflection of the benefits of this approach in the push towards decarbonising future data centres.

Panel Discussions

Data Centre Post Pandemic Reflections Panel

Post Pandemic Reflections and a Glance Towards the Future
How have our respective companies navigated the global pandemic? How this has affected each of us and in what ways has this changed the way we work and how we will go forward? Watch this compelling panel discussion to discover how Deerns, Finning, Durata and Sunspeed adapted and what their respective companies are doing to tackle current challenges.

Data Centre Sustainability Panel

Have our sustainability goals / targets remained the same for too long? Should we be doing more by now?
Tune in to hear industry experts from JLL, Telehouse, John Sisk & Son, Schneider Electric and Turner & Townsend discuss whether we feel that our sustainability goals/targets have remained the same for too long.  Should we, as an industry, be doing more by now and what are their respective companies doing to prepare?

CNet Training - Collaboration to Tackle the Talent Shortage… and it’s Working!

Industry leaders, Amazon Web Services, CNet Training, CyrusOne, LMG, Yondr, and UTC Heathrow discuss how they are working together, alongside other leading companies; Ark Data Centres, CBRE and Virtus Data Centres, to tackle the talent shortage across the digital infrastructure industry. They discuss how it is working and how it can shape the future of the industry.

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